Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Listings on Etsy

I just added these two piece to my  etsy shop. Check them out. I love both of these pieces. It has taken me so long to list on etsy. I still have tons more to list. And am hoping to add a lot more pieces.
I am starting to get spring fever and can not wait to work in my studio with the windows and door open.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Back in the Studio - New Work

Being back in the studio is a great feeling. We went on a trip to Canada to visit family, it was great and refreshing. I feel newly inspired, we went o see Niagara Falls and I have forgotten how amazing it is. 
 This piece is a small pendant that I created today. The top piece is a sterling silver hollow form with this fantastic texture. I made the texture by using vintage lace and a rolling mill. It came our better then I had thought it would. The bottom is a small piece of my grandmothers blue willow plates. It has been set in a sterling silver bezel. I love this piece.
This piece turned out amazing!! It has a sterling silver hollow form pendant with cut lines that have been oxidized. The beads are lava and hammered quartz. The textures in the piece a phenomenal! It is about 18inch in length and hangs beautifully. I bought the lava beads a local bead store called Chevere the place to bead.
Again it is great to be back and to have made these two fabulous pieces.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


On Friday we had a Blizzard come through the northeast. An man did we get dumped on. We got 25-30 inches here. It took us a while to shovel the walkway and the driveway. We have not had the energy to dig out the studio yet. It seems very daunting to shovel more. It is close to waist high in many spots. And go figure today it is a bight and sunny day. Hopefully the sun will take care of a little bit of the snow, although I have my doubts. It looks like I will have to take out the shovel again. I hope that everyone has stayed safe and warm through this.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Stones and things

My family and I enjoy going for walks. And my amazing son knows that I enjoy using stones we find on our walks in my jewelry and helps me collect them. It is great watching him, he gets so excited about finding them. The seeds(?) we found at his favorite playground. I have many ideas of to include some them into my work. I am still not sure if it will be the idea of them or the seeds(?) themselves. I will be interested to what I come up with. I will keep you posted. 
On other news, we here is the northeast are going to get hit with a major snowstorm. They are expecting 20-30 inches of snow and loss of power. I hope that everyone stays safe and warm.