Friday, September 25, 2015

Coggeshall Farm Quilt

When we went to Coggeshall Farm there was this amazing quilt in the house. It was beautiful. It is by a lady names Tara Celeste. I love the colors in it!! I also loved how she captured the wonderful place that is Coggeshall Farm.

 I am not sure if you can read all that she wrote about the quilt, but I had to put it. 
 That is my arm point out the stitching that is done like a wave. As the farm in on Narraganset bay, it is only fitting. 
Once again it was a great day with the family and I hope you all are enjoying fall. 
I have been working on nothing but Quinn's quilt in hopes that it will be done before the snow fly's. I have my fingers crossed. I already have my next few quilts planned out. I however refuse to start them till I finish Quinn's. I am hoping to getting in the jewelry studio soon, as I need to get in there for some unfinished projects and repairs need to get done before it gets too cold. Can you believe that we are already thinking of winter? So sad. Oh well it comes every year.  
Thanks for reading. Have a creative day. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Apple Pie Contest

On Saturday we went to the Coggeshall Farm Harvest fair. O my gosh it was great fun! Quinn and I entered the Apple Pie Contest. It was so much fun to make the pie with him. He as so excited. We had a great time there. It was in Bristol RI, so right next to the water and the sunshine it was fabulous. 
 The image above it the filling we made. We used three different kinds of apples. yum!
 Here it is baking!! The house smelling so good. 
 Completed!! Doesn't it look amazing? 
Here they are tasting and judging all of the pies. Quinn was right in there making sure he heard everything. Only good things to say about ours.
Here is what the table looked like after the judging. 
Sadly we did not win, and they only picked a grand prize winner. If you ask Quinn we came in a close second. I'll take it. We won some great maple syrup that was made on the farm. It was a blast. And I will do it again if the opportunity comes up again.