Friday, February 26, 2016

Kitchen Fabric

I just received this fabric in the mail last week. 
It is not fabulous? I love the colors and I love that it has Pyrex. I love to feed my obsession with Pyrex. I bought this from Fabric Worm It is by Andrea Muller Riley Blake the collection is called Vintage Kitchen. Here is the link for this fat quarter bundle I bought. 
I am not sure what I am going to make with this yet, but I am sure happy to be adding to my stash. My stash is still small but it is growing slowing. Thank you for reading as always. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

An armful

Hello all!! This is my arm, I love a good armful of bangles. I wear these everyday, there are about 22  that I wear on this one arm!! I love them! Some are made by me, some are vintage, some Steve had made for me. Can you guess which ones he had made? I love that I jingle when I walk and move. Everyone at work can hear me coming,a and to think I hardly notice anymore. I have been wearing and adding to my collection of bangles for at least 10 years if not longer. On my other arm, I wear cuff bracelets or a couple of really big bangles. 
I just love bracelets. They make me happy. And really everyone should do and be what makes them happy. 
We watched this great documentary on Iris Apfel the other week and I loved it. I suggest that you all check it out. I just love her. So fearless. 

Anyways before I go and on I will end this. Hopefully I will be adding to arm soon. Do you wear an armful? I hope so or maybe it is a neckful? 
Thank you for always reading. 
More to follow soon