Thursday, February 4, 2016

An armful

Hello all!! This is my arm, I love a good armful of bangles. I wear these everyday, there are about 22  that I wear on this one arm!! I love them! Some are made by me, some are vintage, some Steve had made for me. Can you guess which ones he had made? I love that I jingle when I walk and move. Everyone at work can hear me coming,a and to think I hardly notice anymore. I have been wearing and adding to my collection of bangles for at least 10 years if not longer. On my other arm, I wear cuff bracelets or a couple of really big bangles. 
I just love bracelets. They make me happy. And really everyone should do and be what makes them happy. 
We watched this great documentary on Iris Apfel the other week and I loved it. I suggest that you all check it out. I just love her. So fearless. 

Anyways before I go and on I will end this. Hopefully I will be adding to arm soon. Do you wear an armful? I hope so or maybe it is a neckful? 
Thank you for always reading. 
More to follow soon

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