Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pyrex makes fabulous gifts!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope that everyone's new year has started off well. Mine has been interesting to say the least. It is going to busy year for us here.But I am hoping it is going to be a good one. Now let's talk Pyrex! 

 The above one is the set that Steve gave me for Christmas. He is amazing. Feeding my obsession so nicely. He even went and printed out all of the information about the pattern. Love him! 
So it is a small set of casserole, I love casserole dishes. The patter is the Autumn Floral from 1966. It came right before the 1967 standard pattern Verde (which I have the Cinderella mixing bowel set of). It is hard to see in my bad picture but it is a a golden yellow square floral on a mustard yellow background. And well yellow is my favorite color! 
 Now this is one is really special. It is the 1961 Zodiac. I found it in my Grandmother/Aunts basement. They had no problem with me taking it home. (thank goodness) It is forest green with the 12 zodiac's in gold, the lid below has a beautiful starburst on it. It came with a 4 legged trivet and candle warmer. ( my aunt emailed me saying she found it) . So exciting. 
So now why it this one so special. It is not perfect. There are some scratches on the green and the starburst is faded in places. 
So here is the story that goes with it. And we all know I love stories that goes with objects. 
So back in 1961 my Great Uncle gifted this amazing piece to my Grandmother. ( She is now 100 years old) Crazy! So it has been in the family for the whole time!!! I LOVE it! 
Here is a link to a great site about the patterns and history of Pyrex. Enjoy!
Thank you for reading. 

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