Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Sorry that it has been such long time since my last post. Trying to find time these days has been hard for me. I am hoping to finish a couple of projects that are in the works this weekend, and start on this one.
The top piece is a piece from my grandmothers blue willow dishes, the middle piece is a stone that Quinn found on one of our hikes, and the bottom stone is a labadorite. I love the different shades of blues and all the textures in it.
Also every time that  I am in the studio Quinn has been coming with me to learn and wants to learn everything. Amazing. Here we are below and he is watching me sand and polish with the flex shaft. We stopped for a quick photo opt.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some News

Last week I received this interesting email form Jeff Star of golocalworcester. He wanted to do an article about me and my work. Amazing!!! I am so excited about this opportunity. The article was posted on Monday August 5th. Here is the link to my article. Please check it out. Again this is very exciting. Happy reading! And thank you Jeff Star and go local worcester

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Collaboration with my son

Quinn and I have been working on a necklace together. He found the stone and he set the sea glass. This was so much fun. The pictures below is of Quinn working hard to set his first bezel. He did a beautiful job!

The picture below is the necklace that we made. He set the bottom piece!!! It is sea glass from Rhode Island. The middle stone is one the Quinn found on one of our walks, and the top piece is a sterling silver hollow form with a high polish. This is one amazing piece. It was so much working with my son on this.