Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My students hard at work

Over the long weekend I was teaching at Snow Farm (a craft school in western mass), the class was titled Bangles, Rings and Things. It was great. I had a great bunch of students with a wide range of experience. The above photos are of them hard at work. They all took to it really well and all walked a way with several if not more finished pieces. I will post some of their work in my next post. Thank you to Snow Farm and to my wonderful students.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Snow Farm

Here I am at Snow Farm. I am standing in front of the metals studio and the bottom picture is the inside of the studio. I love Snow Farm. I am having a great time, I have missed being immersed in  a creative environment. I am teaching a class this weekend called Bangles, Rings and Things. It is going great, I have a great bunch of students and everyone here is amazing. The weather has held up so far and today looks like it be great weather wise. More to come.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Art All State Question #3

This is the third and last question that they would like us to cover in our talk at Art All State
What does being an artist mean to you?
This is a tough one. I don't think that you have a choice. If you are an artist then you are. There is nothing you can do about it. For me it keeps me sane and centered. If I don't make for awhile then I get unbearable. And no one wants to be around me. I need to make, it is in my blood. I have heard others artist say that it is the same as breathing air, and it is. I do not have a choice in it, I need to make and I need to sit at my bench. Just sitting there makes everything all right, no matter how bad a day it is. Everything just melts away and there is only making. I think that if someone is meant to be or do something then they will, because you have to. It may take someone a very long to realize it but you will find it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A pendant

Here is a pendant that I finished last week. It is a commision. The client brought me the bead, which is glass and I bezel set it, it hangs from a sterling hollow form with a high mirror finish. It came our amazing. It will hang from her chain perfectly.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Earrings with Quartz

These are a great pair of new earrings that I made. The bottom is a sterling silver bead that I made and gave a high mirrored polished. The top bead is a hammered quartz. They are hung ear wire that I formed to have a long back that can been seen while wearing them for a long elegant look. They are super comfortable to wear. They would be great with a pair jeans for with a little black dress. Perfect! I love making earrings that can easily go from day to night. That is what every girl needs.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Art All-State Question #2

The second question for Art All-State is
What artist(s) have influenced you?
I am again taking this question is a different direction. Lots of artists over the century's have given my great influence. But I would like to talk about who is the greatest influence in my life. And that person is my Grandfather. He is an amazing man. 97 years old and still going. He is a lover of jewelry and of life. He has forged his own path in life and that is what I am trying to do and what all should do. Not only did he show me that you can be who you are but you can forge your own path. With a little struggle and a lot of hard work you can do it. He has given me jewelry through out my life and he has giving me stones. When I first started taking jewelry classes he went on a trip to Maine to visit his brother and he brought me back a handful of stones from a local mine. It was amazing and they were beautiful, I think that was his way of giving approval. He is one of the best people I know. He is always giving and loving. He gives till he has nothing left to give, then gives more. He is free with knowledge and anything else that he has. He has always been on my side, even when everyone else was not. And that is way he is my greatest influence in life and in jewelry.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art All State Question #1

In an ealier post I talked about haveing to get up and speak in front of some peers of mine in preperation for Art All State. They had giving us some questions they would like us to cover in our talk to these amazing high school students. Here is Question one:
What were you doing during your teenage years/your story or journey as a young artisit?

Well I am going to skip my teenage years and just go right into my journey as a young artist. I still consider myself a young artist, although I am sure that I am old to teenagers now. My journey took me down many different roads. I tried several mediums, photography was the first. I love it, but not enough to fill my soul. Then I found stained glass, I was getting closer, working with hands and making something, it was more filling but not quite there. Then I took my first metalwork/jewelry class. There it was, from the first moment. It was a weekend class, and I quickly became like an assistant to the teacher. I coundn't get enough. I needed more. I have not stopped since. I love it, it fills my soul and turned a light on in me I didn't even know had been off. I took classes at the Worcester Center for Craft and then entered into the Professional Craft Studies Program. I am centered when I am making. I am a craftsperson. Now I teach and I love passing on my passion to others.