Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art All State Question #1

In an ealier post I talked about haveing to get up and speak in front of some peers of mine in preperation for Art All State. They had giving us some questions they would like us to cover in our talk to these amazing high school students. Here is Question one:
What were you doing during your teenage years/your story or journey as a young artisit?

Well I am going to skip my teenage years and just go right into my journey as a young artist. I still consider myself a young artist, although I am sure that I am old to teenagers now. My journey took me down many different roads. I tried several mediums, photography was the first. I love it, but not enough to fill my soul. Then I found stained glass, I was getting closer, working with hands and making something, it was more filling but not quite there. Then I took my first metalwork/jewelry class. There it was, from the first moment. It was a weekend class, and I quickly became like an assistant to the teacher. I coundn't get enough. I needed more. I have not stopped since. I love it, it fills my soul and turned a light on in me I didn't even know had been off. I took classes at the Worcester Center for Craft and then entered into the Professional Craft Studies Program. I am centered when I am making. I am a craftsperson. Now I teach and I love passing on my passion to others.

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