Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Art All-State Question #2

The second question for Art All-State is
What artist(s) have influenced you?
I am again taking this question is a different direction. Lots of artists over the century's have given my great influence. But I would like to talk about who is the greatest influence in my life. And that person is my Grandfather. He is an amazing man. 97 years old and still going. He is a lover of jewelry and of life. He has forged his own path in life and that is what I am trying to do and what all should do. Not only did he show me that you can be who you are but you can forge your own path. With a little struggle and a lot of hard work you can do it. He has given me jewelry through out my life and he has giving me stones. When I first started taking jewelry classes he went on a trip to Maine to visit his brother and he brought me back a handful of stones from a local mine. It was amazing and they were beautiful, I think that was his way of giving approval. He is one of the best people I know. He is always giving and loving. He gives till he has nothing left to give, then gives more. He is free with knowledge and anything else that he has. He has always been on my side, even when everyone else was not. And that is way he is my greatest influence in life and in jewelry.

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