Monday, March 24, 2014

Studio Tidbits

Last week I was asked to be an artist mentor for Art all State again this year!! How wonderful, I think that it is a great program and am very excited to be part of it again this year. Thank Worcester Art Museum. I can not wait to showcase some of the new work that I am working on.
On other new news Steve bought this great hammer for only $2 at out local flea market in Douglas. What an amazing deal!
Here is the first look at one of my pieces that I am working on. I work as a CNA for a day job and very inspired by work with my dementia and Alzheimer's residents. My new work comes from them.
    I am hoping to finish this piece this week. And will talk all about it then. I am very excited about it. I am just hoping that it starts to warm for longer then a day. It has been a very long and cold winter here is Massachusetts. It makes it very hard to work when it takes all day to warm up enough to hold my tools.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Finally back to the studio!!!

After what seems like the never ending winter here in the northeast, we have had a little bit of a warm up (above freezing) this weekend.  It was loving to not have to wear two sweaters under your coat! I am beyond excited for spring as I know most people are. The last month and half we have had several colds and stomach bugs go through our house, which has made going to the studio very difficult. So this past weekend we finally made it out there. Quinn and I are working on a project and it is very exciting. I can not wait to share it with you when it is done. I love that he asks to go work in the studio. This year coming up he is going to need a larger bench in the studio. So exciting!
I am hoping to have much more to show you in the coming weeks. As we are all done being sick. Thank goodness.