Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Pebbles and puddles

This necklace I finished earlier this week. I love it. I was so excited about it. It is the largest pebbles and puddle piece I have made yet. It has two 14K gold pieces in it, and the beads are quartz and prehnite. I wore it the other day and it was so comfortable to wear. I will be showing it at the Worcester Art Museum in June during the Art All-State Artists exhibition. I just love this piece, it will be a hard one for me to give up.
On other notes: Mothers Day is coming up!!!
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Also on some very exciting news Steve and I are getting married on the 5th of May!!!! Whahoo!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Over the weekend I was at the Art All State artist orientation. It was great, for the most part. I loved getting together with other artists, talking and working. Very inspiring.
The part that I did not care for, was the speaking in front of the group. This is something that we all had in common for the most part. I was anxious to meet new people anyways, then having to get up in the front of the room and speak about my work was terrifying. If I had thought about it more in depth before I might have had notes to follow. I got up there and froze, my mind went blank. I felt so exposed, maybe it might have been better had I been sitting down. I don't know. But what I do know is that it will get easier each time. And to bring notes with me in case I freeze again and can not think. There was great questions they want us to cover in our talks. I will try to answer each one on the blog this week. I will make sure to practice my answers before I have to speak in front of all the students in June. I will be amazing this time ( or at least much better).

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Art All State Orientation

Yesterday I was at the Worcester Art Museum for the Orientation for Art All State artist mentors. It was a lot of fun meeting and discussing art with a group of other artists. I am really looking forward to workshop. I also go a chance to walk around the museum and see what is new. I have not been to it in over a year. It was great to see what is new. The last time I was there the 20th Century gallery was closed. Yesterday it was open, it was great. I really enjoyed see the Louis Nevelson piece that they have. Have a couple of books of her work and have seen it on TV. I was unprepared for how I would react when I saw one in person. It is an amazing piece. I urge everyone to go and visit the museum.
I am very excited to see what the group of kids will come up with that I am mentoring. I am excited about what they will get out of the upcoming weekend and also what I will get out of it. I think that this is a great program and wish that I had been so focus on art when I was young, so I could have had the chance to be part of it then. I am honored to be part of it this year. It is the 25th year of the program.