Monday, January 7, 2013

Worcester Art Museum

 Over the weekend we had a family outing to the Worcester Art Museum. On the first Saturday of each month they have free admission from 10am-noon. It was great. The above is a picture from an gallery and the gold work is astounding.  These pieces are from 700-1500AD from the Panama area.
The above sculpture is one of my favorites, it by artist Louise Nevelson. I also used this as a inspiration piece at the last Art-All State. I love here work. I love the use of all of the small parts to make one large piece and the monochromatic color is fantastic. I loved sharing this  with Quinn and Steve. Steve has a love for here work also, we have two books in out library about her and her work. Just amazing.
The above is a great photo of Quinn. We are in I believe one of the American artist galleries. Quinn was inspired and started drawing. How amazing!!! He loved the museum and I am floored by how well he behaved and how engaged he was. It was a great day.

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