Friday, March 29, 2013

Sprout #7

This pendent was finished yesterday. And what a great day yesterday was. It was sunny and starting to show signs of being warm, things are starting to sprout. I love spring!! I was listening to a great variety of music, including disco. Now I know most of you are cringing when I said disco, but what other music can make you want to dance like that?
Now about the piece. It is sterling silver, the bottom piece is a hollow form with "sprouts", I gave it a high mirror polish. You can see me in the refection. The top is a mystery stone, I think that it might be some kind of agate. It is bezel set with sterling silver. And the stone is one of the many that my late grandfather had given me. It is a spectacular piece and I was thrilled when it was finished. It is a statement piece, it will get you noticed. I love those pieces.

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