Tuesday, January 14, 2014

After a short break

I have taken a short break from the studio this past year. But I have returned and am hoping to a spectacular year coming up. With this warm snap and the new year I have hopefully found better balance in life and will have time to spend doing what truly feeds my soul - jewelry. I have repairs and new pieces all in the works. I am hoping to revamp my etsy and this blog in the coming months. I have missed my studio and working on my art.
My bench is full of great pieces that will find their homes in new work soon. I am very excited about all the new work that I have planed.
Quinn is wicked happy about being back in the studio also. He is excited to work on new painting projects and a new project for our new dog Rocco. Quinn is making him a dog tag. How beautiful!
I will be posting much more hopefully at least once a week.

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