Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Finished Project and a New One

The top two photos are a pendant that I just finished. The top stone is a labradorite and the bottom hollow for has this light lovely textured that I created using the rolling mill and burlap, of all things. It is a fabulous texture. The bottom two pictures are of a project that I have started today. The top hollow will have a high polish like a mirror. The bottom pieces will all dangle and move. I am unsure if these are the pieces that I will be using. So far there are fresh water pearls, black onyx, citrine, and of course a few more hollow forms with textures. I am liking the idea of the movement and the layering, I think that this will look amazing when it is finished. I am hoping to get in tomorrow morning to work on it. I think that I will hang it from a double strand of black rubber cord. Any thoughts?

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