Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Celebration of Quinn

I have been working on this project(s) for quite a long time. The above picture is the first that is in the works. It is in celebration of my son Quinn. In the photo is his hair from his first hair cut. I have been holding on to it till I figured out how I wanted to do these. I will be placing his hair under glass the will be bezel set. The rest is not quite figured out. I want this to be perfect. I plan on using both of his birthstone in the piece (all I have to do is buy them) and I also want to put in some dinosaur bone. He has loved dinosaurs forever, he knows them all.
I was inspired to do these projects from traditional memorial ring and jewelry. I was reading Rings Jewelry of power and loyalty by Diana Scarisbrick before Quinn was even born. And of course after he was born it all started to come together in my mind. It has been a slow process. Memorial jewelry has been around for centuries. I am very excited by my celebration project.

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  1. Charlie, you have seriously showcased something of my choice… just can’t move my eyes away from it. That’s what I was looking for… now floating in love and glory of it…

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