Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tangled Mess of Memories

This is a necklace that I created for the series I have based on Alzheimer's and other memory disorders/diseases. I based this piece on the fact they seem to have this tangled mess of memories, a piece of a memory here and there, all of these little bits all tangled together. Some make sense and others don't. This is not of my normal aesthetic, I am much for simple, clean and neat. Where with these they are busy and chaotic just like what is going on with the alzheimers.
Here is the list of materials that I used in this piece: sterling silver, tourmaline(various colors), fresh water pearls(various), labradorite, rubber, aquamarine, citrine
I used quite a lot of parts in this necklace. I think it came out really amazing. I hope you like it.

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