Friday, July 11, 2014

Up North

We spent the fourth up north in Toronto Canada, Steve's home town. We up for the service of his dad who had passed. Sad times to go up for but it is always great to see family no matter what.
Even on the drive up (11 hours) I managed to get some work done.
Steve took Quinn and I on a tour of where he grew up. The now trendy beaches. even though Toronto is a massive city it has some amazing beaches that are surprisingly quite. And being me I could not pick up some rocks from the beach and what wonderful rocks they are.
I already have some great ideas of what to make with them. I am surprised by the smoothness of them they just feel amazing in your hands. Quinn even picked up a few for me, and well I have been finding rocks in his pockets all the time he likes to find me rocks to make jewelry with.
As always thanks for reading.

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