Monday, September 29, 2014

Betsy's sewing room/studio

As you all know I have stated to quilt. All with the thanks to my friend Betsy who give me a couple of hours on Sunday afternoons (when we can) to teach and help me through. Last week I was piecing some of my larger blocks together on one of her fabulous vintage singer machines. The one that I used is named Margaret. It is a electric treadle. I would love to have one these. Here is a photo of her sewing room/studio.
 The picture below is the machine I was using and some of my work on it. So far so good. Quinn is hoping the quilt will be done in time for his birthday, I'm hoping in time for Christmas. We will see, either way I love it and so does he. I do another quilting update soon.
  Thanks for reading. Have a fabulous day.

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