Monday, September 22, 2014

The flowers are gone and fall is here. The trees are already starting to change colors here in Massachusetts. I am not ready for fall, I feel like summer never happened. Oh well embrace what we have now and that is cooler days that are great to work in the studio on.
When I place my bench in front of the window I had envisioned working and being able to see Quinn playing in yard. And that day has come it was amazing. With the door open he could talk to me and I could keep and eye and an ear on him.
 Here is what I was working on. I an working on another piece related to Alzheimer's. I think that it is a great start. It will be another necklace. I am not sure if these are the elements that will end up in the finial piece though. I have a habit of looking at things and changing them around several times before I am happy with them, or just want to finish it to move on. Sometimes that is something you have to do. Just finish and move on.
 Here is a collection of stones and pearls. Fist who doesn't love a bowl full of pearls. I love pearls and I love to use them in a lot of my work. I think every women should have pearls, I love to make them wearable for any age and any type of person. There are three bags of stones one set is from the beaches in Toronto one is from hiking trips with Quinn at Purgatory Chasm (one of our favorites place to hike and explore) and the third is from a friend who thought that I would enjoy them and be able to use them.
 After a while Quinn came to join me in the studio and work on his own projects. He has been asking for a bigger workbench. He needs for space to work he tells me. Taking after his parents already. I am one proud Mama. I love that he enjoys working and creating with me and does the same with Steve in his studio. He is already saying that our next house he will have his own studio!! Fabulous!!
Thanks for reading have a fabulous and joyful day.

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