Sunday, March 22, 2015

March update

Yesterday was the first day of spring! although we had snow I am hoping that it will all melt soon. I am in need of some nice warm weather, I would like to start planting the gardens. And Quinn is already asking when we can start hiking again. Even he is tired winter.
Anyways here is an update. I am hoping to get into the studio this week!! Finally it took awhile to be get to it after the crazy amount of snow we have here in Massachusetts.
It had no leaks and looks great in there. I am so excited!!
 The above photo is of me threaded my vibrating bobbin on my wonderful sewing machine. I was so excited it was the first time I did it with out looking at directions!! Wha hoo!!!
 Here is what the quilt is looking like so far.  Quinn laid it all out for me it looks amazing. I am homing to finish up the last few squares and get the top all done this next week. I know that I have been saying that but it will happen. I swear! I think it is going to look amazing when it is all done.
And here is Quinn working on his blanket. He love s to be at the machine also. He is making a scrap blanket for our dog Rocco. He is amazing!

Thank you all for always reading. I am hoping in the next update that there will be pics of the studio and the completed top.

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