Saturday, July 18, 2015

July Quilt update

Hello all, here is the quilt update that I was promising. So I have finally got it on the frame and have started the quilting process. I love it so far. Quinn is making sure that I finish by fall.
 The above image is of me working hard on the quilt. It is nice to be able to work on it and still be involved in what is going in the house.
 This image is of the quilt on the frame in the corner of the living room. That is were it lives when I am not working on it. That way I have to see it all time and I am more apt to work on it then. It just keeps reminding me.
Here is another shot of me working away. I am quilting squares and circles into right now. Keeping it simple, there is already so much going on. I love this project. I have put so many bits of memories and bits of all of us in this quilt for Quinn. I am going to write it all down for him, that way he will always know what went into this quilt.
Thanks for reading.
Be creative today and everyday.

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