Sunday, July 5, 2015

Update - projects

Happy July!!!!
Well this has been a nice weekend. Working in the gardens, hanging out with Steve and Quinn, working on the quilt (no photos next post), and I even got in the studio. The weather is finally starting to feel a little bit like summer. Although it still has not gotten really hot here in Massachusetts. Not that I am complaining I like the warm weather just not the humidity. 
The above piece is a single earring that I have made into a pendant. I though that I had lost them forever. But this single one turned up a few days ago. I was so happy. I love these and I am so excited to have a pendant now. I designed this years ago. Steve and I were freshly living together in Hew Jersey, we had these little square lights in the bedroom and this the shape they made on the slanted ceiling. So it had a very special place in my heart and it warmed me to find it again. 

 This piece is one that has been sitting on bench for at least a year maybe longer. I believe the stone is some kind of a opal. I am not sure though, that is what the person told me when they gave it me. I think. Anyways it is a beautiful color of blue green. It is next to a wonderful sterling silver hollow form. I gave everything a high polish. I will be giving it a black rubber word to finish it off. It will be amazing!!!
This one is still in the works but so close to being done. The blue piece is some blue willow dishes from my grandmother, it will be bezel set and look lovely. The hollow form has some wonderful lace ribbon texture on it. And to top it all off there will be a large white fresh water pearl. I will finish this one off with black rubber cord also. I this this will be so lovely.
I mean really who doesn't love a good pearl. I think that more people should wear pearls. They really go with anything.
I can not wait to finish that piece and all the rest that have been waiting on bench. I am getting there, I have some fabulous ideas I want to get to, but fist I need to clear off the bench.
Well as always thanks for reading.
Be creative,

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