Thursday, June 25, 2015

Repair for Grandma

A few weeks ago we where visiting Grandma (almost 100), and she had asked me if I could fix her necklace. She seemed very upset that it had broke. All it needed was a new jump ring. Thank goodness. This is a necklace that made years ago. My father bought it from me to give to her. She wears it every time I see her. 
It has a hollow form with a letter texture using vintage stamps. She was a school teacher after all. The middle piece is a piece of blue willow plate that once belonged to her but now to me. And the bottom stone is a black tourmaline. Such a lovely necklace. I have fixed it up for and am just about ready to mail off to her. I am sure that she misses it. 

As always thanks for reading.
Have a very creative day.

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