Thursday, June 18, 2015

A book

Over the past weekend we were int he Berkshires visiting my Grandmother and my Aunt. It was a great weekend. We all had a blast, lots of good times had by all. My Aunt knows that I have love of old books. Especially old cookbooks. This book that she gave to me is amazing. It was last published in 1909 by the Success Company in New York. It is titled Household Discoveries and Mrs. Curtis's Cook Book. 

 Here I found several four leaf clovers that someone had pressed in the book. How wonderful, it made me smile when I saw them. There is also a recipe for red hot relish that put in with the clovers.
 The illustrations that are in the book are beautiful. There are very few colored ones and they are amazing. and so are the recipes I can not wait to try some.
 There are some interesting information in the book. It covers all sorts of things from cleaning, workshops, sewing, skin and health, taking care of others, even metal and their alloys and melting points. Such a wonderful thing to be given to us.
I am a very lucky lady to have people to have so many people in my life who care and think of me and of course my family. I wanted to share this wonderful book with you. If I remember I will share with you all how things that I try from the book turn out. Sounds like fun to me.
As always thank you for reading.

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