Friday, August 21, 2015

Hard work

 The above image is a stone that Quinn and I working with. We are creating a necklace together. I have put to hard work. I have created this board with masking tape sticky side up to hold the stone still while we wrap the bezel wire around the stone. I use a spring clamp to hold it onto the bench. That way when it is not in use I can hang it up out of the way. I have been using this for years. I love it. It make life in the studio so much easier.
Here is Quinn and I working on the setting. we are doing some cleaning up on the piece. Quinn loves to work in the studio and use the tools. He is getting the hang of the flexshaft. He is has been a great help in the studio. When the piece is done I will share it with all of you.
As always thanks for reading.

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