Friday, December 18, 2015

Working away

 Yesterday was a great day to be working away in the studio. It was rainy and raw outside. 
But inside the studio was cozy and warm. The wood stove was working great. The above image is of me working hard on a pattern/texture that will be on a piece. I can feel all of that hammering today! Whoosh, it was a lot. But man it did feel good, I haven't made that in awhile. I will have to make up more to keep some on the ready.  
 Here is Steve chopping wood for the fire. He is the most amazing husband ever. Thank you for keeping me warm. 
Here I am working at my bench. I love my bench, its like home. I have to get the studio the more, hopefully the trend of the warmish winter will keep up. Once it gets too cold I will not be able to get in there as much I was would like. 
Thanks reading. 
Have a joyful and safe holiday season. 

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