Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Well hello there. 
I know that I have not posted here is quite a while. A lot has been going on. First I have gone back to school!!! So i have been really focusing on that. ( it going great). Next it is baseball season here in Mass so my time is work, school, family. Not a lot of time for anything else right now. However I have realized that I need to make time to make. It keeps me whole and grounded. So here we are. Let me update you on the goings ons from the last few months. 
We went to opening day at Pittsfields, Handcock Shaker village. 
We love going there it is such a great place. 
 This is one of theirs goats. It just makes me want one more. So cute!
 This is the chicken coop and nest box. I loved the way they have sliding doors. Making note for the future.
 At the being of the month (may) we went North to Toronto to visit family. We went to the Ripley Aquarium, it was amazing. I am not sure who had more fun Quinn or us. Are these jelly fish not beautiful and amazing?
 We also checked out a Blue Jays game!! Quinn and Steve's favorite team and Quinn's first Major League one. It was amazing. 
 Of course while we were there I found and visited a local quilt shop. Pick up some nice polka dot fabric and a pair of thread scissors that I have been looking for.
It was a great and fast trip.   
 Here is my new sewing trunk! Steve made it for the show. I hope you all fallow him(The garage with Steve Butler) 
So I needed a new trunk he made one, and he even painted it yellow for me. 
It is painted with milk paint from the Handcock Shaker Village. It is marigold yellow. My favorite. 
It works great and will it looks great also.
 A update would not be complete without a dish update. We found this great little lemon dish at a local antique store. It is amazing. I love it. I mean how could you not it is a lemon!! And of course I have my lemon wedges in it. So wonderful. The small things in life make a person happy, 
And not to forget the studio. Here is my bench as I try to get through all of my unfinished project and boy there sure is a lot of them. I really need to get to work. Once I get through all of those projects I will share some pictures of them and then of the studio as it need a major cleaning. 
Of boy always working on many things. 
I guess it keeps me going and grounded to have many projects around. 
Thank you for reading as always.
I will try to stay away for as long this time.

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