Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Art All State - 2014

This past weekend I was an artist mentor at Art All State at the Worcester Art Museum  This was my third year doing it and as always I had a blast. I had a fantastic partner Dori Latman.
We had a fabulous group of kids (15) who took the challenge of AAS and made the most wonderful piece of work. Their challenge was to take the empty room below and transform it (inspired by works with in the museum) using only three materials fabric, yarn, and the liners from hanging plants.

 This is what they had created in the two days of the event. Is it not amazing? I was blown away by what they created. They all worked really well together. And keep in mind that they did not know each other before hand. They came from all of the state of Massachusetts.
 Here is a close up.
 At the end we had some time left and did a exquisite corpse drawing. That is were we had the kids sit down and draw for two minutes and then move to the right till got back to their original space. That was also a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun as did the kids.  

 Thanks everyone for making Art All State 2014 a fantastic one!! Studio 102!!!

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