Sunday, June 22, 2014


Now I know that this doesn't have anything to do with making, but I am just so excited about this I have to share.
Yesterday we went for a drive and found this amazing little thrift/antique store in Connecticut great store and great people run it. Anyways I have an obsession and a great love for vintage dishes, mostly pyrex but I also love odd things, I have a spoon rest that is a radish and one that is a stack of celery and now I have this fabulous pickle dish!! You just don't see them anymore. I love it. We I was growing up my grandmother had a dish of sweet gherkin pickles out on the table at every meal. Now here dish was not as cool as mine but it still made me think of her. As she is a rather an amazing women. Anywho, here is my pickle dish!!
One shot with no pickles
One a shot with pickles
How great is this dish? I just love it and I only paid three dollars! It just made my day. And what a great day it was out yesterday. I feel like it has taken me a wicked long time to get over that horrible winter we had. But I have, a little in the game but I am here. Thanks for reading about my dish. 

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