Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fine Furnishings show

Over the weekend we went to the Fine Furnishings show in Pawtucket RI. It was a great show. It is a small one so it is great to when you have kids or a little bit of time. 
This year they included a quilt show by the The Rhode Island Modern Guild. 
It was a great show. Here are some fabulous images of some of the quilts.
 You might remember this one form an earlier post. It was really nice to see it again. 
 I love all of the colors on the soft grey background.
 Look at the details in this one!!! I love all of the textures they created in this one.
 This one I found striking and eye catching.  With all of the fabulous bright colors against the white and the black boarder, fabulous! 
This one is a great color and I love what  I will call pinwheels. 
Ans this is just a tasting of what they had on display. Here is a list of all of the quiltesr who participated.
Denuse Lamb, Jenn Galloway,Jodi Meenan, Karen McCann, Kathy Graves, Leslie Lowenstein, Meredith Skelly, Sisan Smallman, Sue Ahnrud, Suzanne Munroe, Tara Celeste, Tina Graig, Tara Coogan
Thank you all for sharing your beautiful work.
As always thanks for reading. 
Have a creative day, Liesl 

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